I am typing.

My hands are shaking, my fingers are clapping, my heart is racing.

I am doing what I can to keep my mind sharp.

The task is difficult.

I have been working on a piece of work for almost two weeks.

It is not easy.

The words flow and the flow of my words are clear.

The lines are straight and precise.

The grammar is good.

I think I have succeeded.

The first step was to learn how to type.

The second step was trying to read words and sentences.

The third step was studying a language.

The fourth step was learning how to make an image.

But I was not satisfied.

I could not stop my hand.

I had to do the work.

This is a simple task.

It requires concentration and a clear mind.

I did not want to work so hard that I lost focus.

I was so busy that I was losing concentration.

I began to question my own abilities.

Why was I doing this?

I realized that I had an innate desire to learn.

I believed that my body and mind were designed to function in a way that could not be replaced.

I felt like a failure.

I wanted to change.

I needed to change the way I was.

To do this, I needed an outlet.

A teacher who was not an academic, but a lover of words and the world around me.

It was a difficult and difficult time for me.

I lost my job.

I started to lose hope.

I realized I was alone.

I struggled with anxiety, depression, and hopelessness.

I tried everything I could to fix my problem.

I looked for help online and tried to find the answers.

I came across books and courses that helped me to improve.

I also tried my own body and my mind.

As I was learning to write, I was able to see what other people were learning.

I saw that they were working with different bodies, and were making the same mistakes.

I discovered a beautiful body of work, a body of love, and a body that I can relate to.

I feel a connection to it.

It feels like I am part of it.

This body of knowledge helped me overcome many obstacles, but I am not satisfied yet.

I need to find a way to learn another language.

It can only be a new language.

I do not have that luxury.

I must find a language that is simple, beautiful, and beautiful in my body.

The only language I know is Bulgarian.

Bulgarian is one of the few languages that can be taught by the body of literature, which has inspired me to write.

In Bulgaria, I read a lot of literature.

I read and studied Bulgarian literature.

Bulgarian literature is often very difficult to understand.

I would need to spend hours and hours reading Bulgarian books, learning their grammar, vocabulary, and history.

For the past few years, I have become fluent in Bulgarian.

I can read Bulgarian poetry and can understand the grammar of Bulgarian poetry.

I use a translator when I have to understand the words.

I cannot learn any other language, so I cannot help others.

I used to feel like I was trying too hard.

Now, I feel like this is what I have worked for.

I love reading.

I want to learn more languages.

But when I try to learn something new, I can get lost in the language.

When I am lost, I need help.

I ask a friend who has a translator, “How do I know that my words sound the way they do in Bulgarian?”

He answers me: “It is because your body is in a state of tension.

When your body becomes tense, your mind and memory are also tense.

You will also be feeling the tension, as well.”

That is when I am able to feel a feeling that I have never felt before.

I know I am on the right path.

I now can speak Bulgarian fluently.

I hope this will help me to become more fluent.

It will also help me make better decisions in life.

I realize that I am still struggling with my self-image.

I find that I always feel awkward and insecure, but it is difficult to get over that.

I try my best to be more confident and to become an advocate for myself.

But sometimes, I am so embarrassed and ashamed.

I struggle with my sexuality.

I wish I could help others feel the same way.

I will be the one who helps those who need it the most.

I believe that my ability to write is my ability as a person.

I always try to be a good listener and a good communicator.

I like to have my voice heard and I like that people are not offended by my words.

That is the beauty of Bulgarian.

Every day, I try not to be so shy.

I listen to other people’s stories, learn from them, and give my opinion.

I enjoy listening to people talk about their lives.

I see that people struggle with problems and I think that is part of life. But at

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