The women’s and men’s watches of Bulgaria have been in a state of flux since the fall of communism.

Now they are in a place of great excitement as they open up to the world and have been given an all-new design.

The women’s Omega watch is one of the most unique pieces in the world.

The watch is made by Omega in Bulgarias workshop in Baku, Azerbaijan.

It is the first watch made in Azerbaijan and the first one to be manufactured in the country since the end of communism in 1989.

The watch has a traditional design with a simple, round case, a white dial and the traditional design of a central watch wheel with two small white arrows.

The design of the watch was inspired by the history of Bulgars independence.

The history is that the Bulgars were in control of the whole region from their city of Gagarin, until their defeat by the Russians in 1940.

The Bulgars are a traditional people with a deep connection to their past.

The Bulgars have a tradition of independence, as well as to be a country of the South Caucasus.

This is why they have the Bulgarian flag and are the only people who can celebrate their independence in the Armenian capital of Yerevan.

The new Bulgar watch features the emblem of Bulgan state, the flag of the state of the former Bulgar republic, and the word “Bulgar” in Arabic.

The emblem is placed at the centre of the dial and is surrounded by a blue circle and the name of the republic.

The flag is surrounded with a red circle.

The word “BULGAR” is placed around the crown.

The Omega women’s bracelet is made of stainless steel with a rose gold case.

It has a black dial with a date window and the words “PATRONIA” and “NIKOLA” at the bottom.

The straps are gold and the strap buckle has a rose silver buckle and is made from a copper alloy.

The dial of the bracelet is white and it is decorated with the emblem and the year.

The bracelet measures 20.5mm in diameter and it weighs 6.3g.

It includes a gold plated clasp.

The first watch that was made in the republic was the Omega Sable, which was launched in 1981.

The most interesting watch is the Omega Ovation.

It was launched at the same time as the Omega Bulgania, which is the most interesting to watch, but is a bit smaller.

The Ovation is a modern timepiece with a very simple design, made in Italy and the brand Omega.

The logo of the brand is at the top, surrounded by three small arrows.

The number 8, the symbol of the Italian city of Milan, is at its base.

The logo of Omega is the word Ovation and it means “excellence”.

The watch features a rose-gold case and a white crystal.

The case has a sapphire crystal.

It weighs 6g and is silver.

The crown is decorated by a red and white rose.

The dial has a white centre with the symbol Omega and the date window.

The hour hand is surrounded on either side by three large circles and the number 8 is surrounded.

The date window has three large blue lines and the hour hand has two small circles and a red arrow.

The black bezel has a yellow centre with an arrow and the month is surrounded in two lines.

The hands are surrounded by the symbol Ovation at the very top.

The hands are decorated with red and yellow rose gold bands.

The gold rings are white with blue lines around them.

The lugs are silver.

The lug of the Ovation has a circular hole for a lume, and there is a screw-down mechanism to secure the lume.

The strap has a silver buckle with the word Omega and a number.

The Omega logo is at top.

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