When the world’s top men wear rings with bulgarian cheese, they have to be careful

Recode headline “The world’s biggest men wear a ring that says ‘Bulgarian Feta Cheese’,” a new video from Recode shows.

In the video, we see a man in a white suit, sunglasses and a baseball cap, wearing a ring with the letters “BULGARI” emblazoned across it.

He walks to the door and opens it.

“You can put it in your pocket or you can put your phone in your purse,” he says.

He hands the ring to a man behind him.

The man holds up the ring.

He pulls out his phone and opens up the wallet.

His phone, he says, is full of money.

Recode “If you’re going to give it to me, it’s going to be in a safe place.

If you’re just going to let me take it, I’m not going to put it on you,” he tells the man.

BULGRARI is a cheese that is made from bulgur.

It is often served as a sandwich or with cheese.

The ring comes in two flavors: one that is called a bulgare, and one called a feta.

Both are delicious.

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, feta is “the most widely consumed meat in the world, accounting for more than half of all meat produced in the last 40 years.”

But feta isn’t just a sandwich; it’s also a delicacy.

It is a delicity in the traditional sense, according to the British restaurant chain, Pies and Pastries.

In a statement, Pied Piper said: “We think that the name of this food, called ‘Bulgarese Feta,’ was inspired by its origin in Bulgaria, and is one of the only two words to be uttered in Bulgarian by a person speaking English.”

The ring, Pledgwick said, was made by a Bulgarian company called “Chesk,” which is the name for the town in Bulgaria.

The company also makes rings for other countries, including Brazil and the Philippines.

Recode’s Adam Jonas contributed to this report.”

This is an example of the kind of food that we can’t have in this country.”

Recode’s Adam Jonas contributed to this report.

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