How to Get a Bulgarian Woman’s Name and a Bulgarian Man’s Gender to Work together

A new trend has emerged in Bulgaria that will allow a woman to get her own name and gender to work together when they’re married, a Bulgarian website has reported.

The news site says that Bulgarian woman Aya Yuriev is looking for a man she wants to marry and a name that works for her.

She has two surnames and a maiden name, but does not have a given gender name.

She is a “female person with a name like that”, the site said.

But her husband, Svetlana Vovchev, has two names.

One is the name of a woman who was born a man.

Another is his daughter’s name.

When he was married, Aya was a woman.

She was born in a male-only household, but she had a male name and a female gender.

“The man who is in the marriage is in charge of naming the children,” Aya said.

“I wanted to have the name and the gender of my husband so I could have the same rights and responsibilities as the man.

So I wanted to get married to him.”

Vovchev told the news site he had to change his surname.

“My mother had two names, one male and one female.

But I was born as a woman,” he said.

When Aya and Vovchevs married, the Bulgarian Civil Registry said they should have chosen “female” for their names.

But Aya had a surname that was not a male.

She wanted a gender change.

She had a name called ‘Aya’, but there was no way I could change it to ‘A’Vova, the local civil registrar, told the website.

So she applied for a Bulgarian woman’s name and requested a surname change.

Ava had a husband named Yevgeniy, but Vovchv wanted to name their daughter Aya.

But she was not allowed to do so.

Aya’s husband said she should just go with it and that his daughter would be happy.

Aya agreed, and the couple married in March this year.

They named their child Aya-Yura, the news website reported.

Ayer has two children with Vovchuv, but Aya chose not to have a second child with her husband.

“It’s a difficult situation,” she told the site.

“They [Vovchvs] don’t like the name that I get, so I had to go with the surname of a different man.”

In her new life, Ayer is a proud Bulgarian woman with a unique name.

The couple has been married for six months, but the civil registry said they have had no children.

Ayanar, as they call their daughter, told news website Ekho Moskvy that she is “not afraid” of the name change.

“When they tell me I can change it I say, ‘Yes, I can.’

I’m not afraid.”

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