Christmas is upon us, and as we head into the festive season, it is time to celebrate our countrys traditions and the amazing traditions that go with them.

This is a time to reflect on the rich history of Bulgaria, which is filled with the beauty and history of our country.

Here are 10 reasons to visit and celebrate Christmas in Bulgaria. 


Bulgarian cuisine  The traditional Christmas feast is the traditional feast that was introduced in the city of Sofia.

It is served with the most authentic traditional dishes.

For example, the Christmas pudding is served over mashed potatoes, with the gravy and sauce, served on a bed of boiled potatoes.

 The tradition of Christmas dinner is still alive in Bulgaria, as well.

It includes the traditional Christmas dinner with rice, a traditional dish with potatoes, and meatballs, but also with a traditional soup with saffron and olive oil.


Christmas trees The most popular place to celebrate Christmas is in the Church of Santa Claus.

Santa Claus often visits Bulgaria during Christmas season, and people celebrate his Christmas tree by singing his praises and welcoming him to the church.

The Christmas tree decorations are often decorated with Christmas lights, as the lights and decorations of the Church are always visible during Christmas.


The most expensive Christmas The decorations in the Cathedral of Saint Basil can cost as much as €100,000, but the decorations can be bought for a fraction of that.

Christmas trees in the Sofia Cathedral are sold for as much at around €20.

The most expensive decorations are those that are decorated with gold leaf and candles, with other decorations that are adorned with silver, silver, and gold.


The Christmas festival in Bulgaria The celebrations of Christmas are so important in Bulgaria that the celebrations have been traditionally celebrated in Sofia every year since the 13th century.

The celebration in Sofya is called the “Golden Day”, and is celebrated in several ways: 1. 

Festival of Christmas at the Cathedral   Families gather in the streets of Sofya to gather in their homes and to celebrate.

In addition to the celebration of Christmas, many families gather in front of their homes, in order to observe the Christmas Eve Vigil, a religious festival that is observed from November 24th to December 15th, which commemorates the feast of St. Matthew and the Epiphany. 


Festive markets  At Christmas, Christmas markets are usually located at many of the tourist areas.

They are open during the day and closed during the night.

Traditionally, Christmas is celebrated by selling candy and presents, but in recent years, the market has been expanded, including the sale of Christmas cards and gifts. 


Celebrating the holiday in the park The city of Sibiu is famous for its famous Santa Claus Parade, where many people wear red, white and blue clothes.

In addition to these traditional events, many locals also go to Santa Claus and his friends to get presents.

The Sibianians celebrate the holidays at various parks and squares around the city.


Culturally themed  At Christmas time, people go to various churches and festivals to celebrate their culture and traditions. 


Dress code Christmas is celebrated with red, blue, white, and green, and with white Christmas wreaths, candles, and decorations.

The holiday is also observed with a lot of festive festivities at different places, like at the Christmas market. 


Popular cultural events Christmas in the country is a great time to visit the countrys cultural heritage and traditions, and it is important to celebrate these cultural events at the same time. 


Treating the elderly  Many people celebrate Christmas by putting presents and gifts in the elderly people’s hands. 


Saving time and money There are several different ways to save money and to save time by purchasing presents for children. 


Buying Christmas cards The countrys population is constantly increasing, and there is demand for Christmas cards.

Buying a gift card for Christmas is also a great option for people, as it will allow them to save on their holiday card bills. 

10. Halloween  Halloween in Bulgaria is a traditional holiday in which the traditional holiday traditions are celebrated, including traditional carols, costume and music.

There are many Halloween events in the Bulgarian cities, and some events even go beyond Halloween.

Halloween in Sofias is a popular holiday that is celebrated on October 31st.

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