Bulgarian mafia boss Vincenzo Vinciguerra is widely credited with setting up the modern day Balkan mafia, but the name of the Bulgarian mafia leader that is the most well-known to the world of crime is none other than Vincio Vincicchio.

Known as “the godfather of the Balkan Mafia” by his peers, Vincchio is believed to have orchestrated one of the most infamous and devastating assassinations in modern history.

The former secretary of the Italian military intelligence was a close confidant of the Mafia’s notorious Genovese family, the most notorious in the world.

In the early 1990s, Visciguerre and his cohorts were preparing for a large-scale operation to steal the $5 million stolen from the Gambino crime family in New York City.

Vincico, as he is known in the underworld, was a man who believed in secrecy and wanted to keep his identities as a covert operative a secret.

But after Vincielli’s assassination, Vicciu had to face a new, more difficult challenge in his career.

Now that he was no longer the “godfather” of the modern-day Balkan mob, Vucicchio was left with a job of his own.

He began his career in finance and then began to work in the entertainment industry.

He was one of many high-ranking Italian officials, including the head of the Internal Affairs Directorate and the former head of intelligence, who were murdered in the early nineties by assassins.

Vucici’s life was one that changed drastically when he discovered his wife had been raped and murdered in 1998.

Vuccicchio, who had been a devout Catholic, was furious.

He took a stand and began a campaign of revenge, but it was too late.

In 2002, he was found dead in a hotel room in Milan.

In 2006, Vuccio was arrested in Sicily and charged with the murder of his wife, but he escaped from prison by hiding in the country’s most remote and inaccessible regions, where he lived a life of luxury.

The truth of his crimes was not known until Vuci’s son, a former Mafia boss, broke the story in 2007.

After Vinci’s death, Vcci was remembered for his work to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.

He is buried in a cemetery in the town of Bologna, the birthplace of the mafia.

He also enjoyed a successful career in the fashion industry.

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