The country’s legal system is widely criticised for being too lenient on rapists.

Women who are victims of sexual assault in Bulgaria can be subjected to a criminal trial, but in many cases the prosecution does not bring charges.

This has left many women who have been raped fearing for their lives.

As a result, they have begun using legal channels to help other women.

As part of the “Bulgarian Women’s Rights Association” (BWA), the women of Bulgaria are taking action to ensure that rape cases are properly investigated and prosecuted.

On Friday, the association will hold a joint press conference in Sofia to discuss this issue. 

The BWA’s press conference will take place on Friday afternoon at the University of Sofia’s student union.

The event will be livestreamed on the BWA website. 

Participants include two former members of the Bulgarian parliament, Anna Gagikova and Ekaterina Zukanova, and a woman who is the wife of the country’s minister of women and child protection. 

According to the Association of Women in Bulgarian Law, the rape of a woman can happen when she is asleep, drunk or unconscious.

It can also happen when a man rapes her without her consent. 

In many cases, the accused is known to the victim and can threaten to kill her. 

This can be particularly true in the case of rape of women who are in their twenties, and in cases of rape where the victim is older, as the accused often uses physical violence. 

There are no laws against sexual assault that criminalise men who rape women under the age of 18, as is the case in Bulgaria. 

However, some states have laws against it. 

As well as making sure that the rapists are prosecuted, women also need to be aware of the consequences of the crime, as they are at risk of becoming victims themselves. 

For example, women in some cities are often forced to stay at home and avoid public places in order to avoid being raped.

This can result in them having to pay fines, get into trouble with the law or even being beaten up. 

Bulgians have a long history of patriarchy and sexual violence.

Women in Bulgaria have been targeted by men who seek to control them through violence.

As women continue to speak out against these injustices, the country is slowly but surely changing. 

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Images: Getty Images, The Lad, BWA, Bulgaria, Women’s Rights, Bulgaria

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