Bulgarian people can be confusing when it comes to their pronunciation of their name, and the people who speak it often have little knowledge of what their names are.

Bulgarian language learners are often unfamiliar with the pronunciation of the name of their country and are sometimes confused by people’s attempts to pronounce it differently, according to a study conducted by the National Institute of International Education (INET).

According to the study, which surveyed more than 1,300 Bulgarian language learners in Bulgaria, people who spoke Bulgarian as their first language as children were also more likely to know the Bulgarian pronunciation of a name than those who spoke their mother tongue as their second language.

“The main reason why Bulgarian people are not able to pronounce Bulgarian as they say it in everyday conversation is because they do not understand its pronunciation,” says researcher Yegor Dokanov.

“Bulgari people speak it with a single consonant, which makes it sound like an English word, and they don’t understand how to pronounce that,” he adds.

“They don’t have any ideas of what the word means, and that’s the reason why they’re not able, as they said, to pronounce ‘Bulgary’ in everyday conversations,” he continues.

The study also found that the pronunciation varies from person to person.

“Some of the speakers of Bulgarian do not know the correct pronunciation of Bulgarian.

Some of them even pronounce the word wrong.

For example, some people pronounce the Bulgarian word ‘korov’ as ‘koreva’, which sounds like ‘kora’.

It’s a problem for them,” Dokasov says.

“Many of the people also have no idea of the meaning of Bulgarian.”

Bulgarians are the only minority in the world to use the Cyrillic alphabet, but many do not speak it.

Dokanova points out that people have to learn to pronounce the alphabet and the sounds of the letters, which means they often struggle to learn the words that they use in everyday life.

“This is one of the reasons why Bulgarian languages have become so popular.

But the main reason for that is that they have to get used to the Bulgarian sounds and their pronunciation.

Otherwise, people are unable to understand the Bulgarian language,” he explains.

According to Dokarov, the main obstacle Bulgarian people face when trying to learn Bulgarian is the lack of training and education.

“There is no training, and there is no education about Bulgarian language, so they have no knowledge about the word Bulgarian.

There are no schools, so you cannot get any education about it.

That is the reason they can’t understand the word ‘Bulgar’, and that is the main problem for their learning,” Doksov says, explaining that many Bulgarian people have never heard of it.”

Bulgars are learning it from scratch.

They’re learning from other people.

That’s why the language is so difficult for them.

We need to give them the training and give them knowledge so that they can learn Bulgarian,” Dokoov says.”

But most of them say ‘kuro’ instead. “

For example, people have the habit of saying ‘kra’ instead of ‘kru’ in conversations.

But most of them say ‘kuro’ instead.

That means that when you talk to them, you are speaking Bulgarian, but it is not the Bulgarian way,” Doka says.

The INET study also shows that many students in Bulgaria do not have any formal training in Bulgarian.

“I think that it’s because of this that people can speak in a foreign language, but they don.

There is no formal training, so there is a problem,” Doki says.

Dokoov also believes that a lot of people in Bulgaria who speak Bulgarian do it out of ignorance.

“A lot of Bulgarian people who have a lot more experience than us, speak their own language.

They have learned Bulgarian from their parents.

They just do it,” he says.”

Most of them don’t even know that their Bulgarian language is different from the one we speak,” Dkoov adds.

The researchers also point out that some people, including young people, speak Bulgarian in a way that is not consistent with the way the language should be spoken.

“We see that some young people say ‘Kru’ instead, when they are really speaking about their own life,” Doca says.

In the study of 3,788 people, only 5% were able to speak Bulgarian as the first language of conversation, and just 5% could pronounce the name ‘Bulgars’ as a second language in daily life.

According of the INET research, more than one third of all Bulgarian language speakers said that they didn’t know how to use Bulgarian.

In addition, the INet study found a significant gap between the two groups.”Only 6% of

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