The United Kingdom is planning to grow its population to 20 million people by 2050, but the country’s government is taking a step that could make it harder for that goal.

Bulgaria’s population, according to projections, will double by 2050 and then halve again.

It’s estimated that the country will have around 25 percent of its population below the poverty line, and around 10 percent below the social welfare level.

That means that the government plans to increase the amount of cash that residents receive from the state, and to redistribute the rest to those who can least afford it.

Bulgarian lawmakers are looking at what to do about this, according the Daily Mail.

Bulgars government has already reduced the amount people can get in social assistance.

If the population doubles, they’re planning to redistribut that income to the lower and middle class. 

But if the population increases, the government may have to consider what to give to those above the poverty level.

If it’s a middle class person, then they would receive the full amount, but if it’s someone in the upper or lower classes, they could get less.

The country is also considering what to distribute to people who are still in school.

Some of the young people who don’t have access to education may still get subsidies from the government, but other parents might have to make do with a smaller share of the benefits.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the Bulgarian government is also contemplating giving people who work outside the country a bigger share of benefits, and is looking at whether they can pay for themselves by having their benefits increased.

This would likely mean that those who work in the public sector could get a bigger tax cut.

This is all part of a wider plan that Bulgaria is working on to reduce poverty, and reduce social inequality.

The government has recently increased the amount that people can receive in social benefits from 2.5 to 4.5 percent of their gross income, and will increase the money they receive in taxes by 1.5.

The goal is to bring the total to 6 percent by 2030.

Bulgeria is also looking at ways to expand social security benefits to cover those who are on public assistance.

The government plans on expanding its benefits to everyone by 2030, and has proposed creating a national service to provide more support to those in need.

The plan is currently under discussion.

The Daily Mail reported that this plan would be a major improvement to the situation for the average Bulgarian.

However, it will be tough for those with a small income.

It would mean that more people in the country would have to take out loans to get by, or find jobs outside of the country.

This article has been updated to reflect the new information.

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