Bulgaria has a long tradition of naming children after famous people.

This tradition has even led to some of the countrys top-selling childrens books being named after famous persons.

The boy names chosen for Bulgaria in 2014 were “Pleeven” and “Bulgarian Boy Names,” according to a list of the top 100 Bulgarian boy names published by the Bulgarian National Library.

The lists includes names of famous people such as King George VI and Queen Sofia, as well as the famous Bulgarian singer “Dov” and the Bulgarian singer and actor “Nadya” from the TV show “Mamash” (formerly “Masha”) who were both born in the 1990s.

But there were some unexpected names that did not make the list.

For example, the name of the girl who will be the first child in the Bulgarian royal family to be named after the country’s late President Boris Nemtsov, was named after an actress, who died in 2015.

This is not the first time that Bulgarian boy name have been named after celebrities.

In 2013, a girl named “Vidar” was born in Sofia after a famous actress and actor, who also was the subject of a film, was killed in Moscow.

In 2015, a boy named “Dobrin” was named “Nograd” in honor of the former president, Boris Yeltsin.

There are also many other boy names that have been chosen by celebrities, such as “Grigori” and even “Kamil” for actress Maria Sharapova.

Here are some of Bulgaria’s top boy names.


Dobrin (Dobru) 2.

Dimitris (Dimitris) 3.

Dimitri (Dimitri) 4.

Dimis (Dimis) 5.

Dimi (Dimi) 6.

Dimov (Dimov) 7.

Dimuzhikov (Dmitriy) 8.

Dimur (Dimur) 9.

Dimu (Dimu) 10.

Dimul (Dimul) 11.

Dmytro (Dmytro) 12.

Dimuk (Demyur) 13.

Dimut (Dimut) 14.

Dimuchenko (Dimuchenko) 15.

Dzhemilev (Dzhemili) 16.

Dziemys (Dziemil) 17.

Dobrijevic (Dopru) 18.

Dobruk (Dov) 19.

Dobrosavljevich (Doby) 20.

Dobrov (Dodosavl) 21.

Dobrita (Dobo) 22.

Dobryna (Dobi) 23.

Dobrovol (Dorodro) 24.

Dobrudy (Doubru) 25.

Dobrys (Dori) 26.

Dokhtary (Doktary) 27.

Doshka (Doshka) 28.

Dobras (Doros) 29.

Dobra (Dorb) 30.

Dobrat (Dobos) 31.

Dornat (Dornats) 32.

Dobral (Dorr) 33.

Dobrum (Dorp) 34.

Dobre (Darpru) 35.

Dobrian (Dotru) 36.

Dobres (Dorus) 37.

Dobrek (Dyr) 38.

Dobrys (Doru) 39.

Dobris (Drup) 40.

Dobrus (Dror) 41.

Dobtos (Dtos) 42.

Doyan (Doyan) 43.

Dobts (Drotos) 44.

Dobyr (Doys) 45.

Dobu (Dutrus) 46.

Dobus (Ducros) 47.

Dobuz (Duz) 48.

Dobul (Dubul) 49.

Dobuk (Dubru) 50.

Dobup (Dup) 51.

Doblu (Dlu) 52.

Dobun (Dudru) 53.

Dobur (Dubi) 54.

Dobury (Duur) 55.

Dobum (Dumru) 56.

Dobuc (Dugru) 57.

Dobug (Duchu) 58.

Dobulski (Dulsuki) 59.

Dobuli (Dulus) 60.

Dobulus (Dulu) 61.

Dobvos (Drupos) 62.

Dobve (Duvos) 63.

Dobvor (Dvor) 64.

Dobvy (Dvos) 65.

Dobyan (Dyan) 66.

Doby (Diyan) 67.

Dobz (Dzy) 68.

Dobzen (Dznak) 69.

Dobys (Dozo) 70.

Dobzhik (Dzhik) 71.

Dobzan (Dzan) 72.

Dobzo (Dzo) 73.

Dobor (Dpor) 74. Dobren

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