Milan, Italy —  When the weather is nice, and you can walk from one end of the city to the other without running into traffic, it’s a great place to stay.

But when it’s raining, or even just snowing, the city is one of the hottest spots in Europe.

According to new data from the European Union, Milan is now one of only three European cities where residents report living “extremely or very hot” or “very hot” on a daily basis.

Milan was ranked No. 2 on the list with an average of 38.6 degrees Celsius (105 degrees Fahrenheit) over a 12-hour period, up from 28.5 degrees Celsius last month.

The average temperature for Milan during the month was 39.3 degrees Celsius, the highest since January.

That means that if you live in Milan during a very hot day and have no idea where to stay, you might want to consider staying at a hotel.

In terms of heat index, Milan was at No. 3, followed by Paris at No and Berlin at No 6.

London, No. 10, and Paris all were among the top 10 hottest cities.

It was No. 5 on the ranking for extreme or very extreme temperatures.

“The data shows that people in Milan are still living very hot,” said Stefanie Fisch, deputy head of the Euro-Mediterranean Health Agency.

“We see the situation in Paris and London very different from the Milan data.”

In other words, Paris has been warming up a lot, while London is getting cooler, but Paris is still hotter than Milan.

The data comes from Eurostat, which is part of the European Commission.

In addition to being a global government agency, it has an independent monitoring agency that has a similar approach to the EU.

Eurostat collects data from a wide range of different countries.

It also conducts monitoring on people in the European regions.

The agency also monitors the health of people living in the United Kingdom and its dependencies, including Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and the Republic.

Michele Zapparino, a spokeswoman for Eurostat said the data is only a snapshot of what’s going on in the rest of Europe.

It does not measure the number of people actually living in hot places.

She also pointed out that the data was collected in May, so there’s still time for some cities to warm up.

Milan is in the middle of a heat wave that has already seen temperatures jump to 36 degrees Celsius in the city.

It is expected to get a lot warmer in the coming days, as the heat index rises.

Milan, however, may be experiencing its worst heatwave in decades.

The city saw its average temperature jump by 0.4 degrees Celsius over a 24-hour time frame from March 6 to May 1.

Fisch noted that the city has a population of almost 50 million people, so people could be in the heat, too.

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