Bulgari, Bulgaria, December 11, 2018—Bulgarian jewelry designer and jeweler Ettore Rambaldi and his wife, Darlene, have created a snake necklace that celebrates the country’s split from Russia, as well as the fact that, for many years, Bulgarians were able to wear their country’s traditional Russian garb.

The necklace, which is part snake, part lizard, features the words “Bulgari Snake Watch” on one side and a Russian symbol on the other, as a symbol of peace.

“The jewelry designer wanted to celebrate the split with the people and the country that has lost Russia,” Ettoren Rambadi said.

“But this necklace has the message that Bulgaria is still alive and is still a peaceful country.

This is the symbol of a country that is still united and can live in peace.”

The snake necklace is part of a series of Bulgarian jewelry designs that are designed to celebrate a country divided by a long and complex history.

The jewelry designer says the necklace, in part, reflects the fact there are still Bulgarian people who have memories of Russia, the country with whom Bulgaria was at war and that Bulgaria was not able to live in freedom, as its capital, Sofia, has a statue of Lenin.

“This necklace was created to show that Bulgaria still has a great memory of Russia,” Rambadises said.

Rambadrias wife, who was born in Bulgaria, was a soldier in the Russian army.

“I remember her being born here and she was a Russian soldier,” Eattore Ramasidov said.

The Rambads have created several Bulgarian jewelry products over the years.

The snakes necklace is one of the jewelry designs, as the jewelry designer notes, that reflect this, which was created for the first time in Bulgarian jewelry history.

“It was a gift from the designer, but also a tribute to her,” Eretre said.

Ettored Rambaria’s snakes necklace with the words: “Bulgaria is still Bulgarian” is part Snake, part Lizard.

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