A couple of weeks ago, we told you about a Bulgarian wedding band made out of a dead rabbit’s leg, but now, it looks like we may have been onto something.

We were on a walk down the street with a few friends and saw a group of people playing music.

It was so cool, so much fun, so we decided to try and make a band out of this.

The first thing we did was get the rabbit’s legs.

We got some glue, and we stuck them to the top of a band.

Then we used a hammer and sawed the leg off.

We then got some string and tied it to the band, and the rabbit legs went on top of it.

You can see the band on the left.

Then, we used glue and saw that we had the rabbit leg, so the band became the rabbit.

We added the other legs, and now we have a band that is the rabbit and the legs of the rabbit!

The rabbit rabbit rabbit!

So what are the ingredients?

Well, the rabbit was killed in Bulgaria and the leg came from a rabbit in Poland, so that’s how we got the rabbit part.

The leg was also from a horse, and from a donkey, so you have to add the legs from each animal.

We also added some string.

You have to make sure that the strings are tight.

We had to cut some strings from a long pole, but that was all we needed.

I have to say that we love this band!

We thought that we would make it for a wedding, and then it became a big party.

What an honor.

We also did some work on the wedding ring.

You will see the rabbit rabbit.

It is actually the ring that the rabbit had on it, so it is the only one of the two that is alive.

The bunny rabbit rabbit, rabbit rabbit rabbits!

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