In August, the United States and Bulgaria announced a memorandum of understanding to share information about cybersecurity threats and their solutions.

The memorandum will enable Bulgaria to share cyber threats with the US.

But it’s not yet clear what exactly will be shared, including the types of data and the types that will be disclosed.

We asked the Bulgarian Embassy in Washington, DC, for more information.

The Embassy told us that it will only share information that the Bulgarian government believes will help prevent, mitigate or respond to a cyberattack.

Bulgaria has been under US cyber-security sanctions since 2014, and the US has imposed sanctions on Bulgaria and other Balkan countries in response to the ongoing unrest in Ukraine.

Bulgaria, a member of NATO, is also an active participant in the Trans-Atlantic Partnership, which seeks to establish closer ties between the EU and the United Nations.

The EU’s cyber-policy division, CyberDiversion and Security Unit, has been responsible for sharing information with the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands and others on cybersecurity issues.

But in a statement, the group said that sharing information between the United states and Bulgaria was “a high priority” for the group, and that the US and Bulgaria are “committed to developing and sharing cyber-coordinated measures to protect the security of citizens, businesses and government agencies.”

We reached out to Bulgaria for more details, but the embassy declined to comment on the specifics of the memorandum.

Bulgaria’s CyberDivert and Security unit is responsible for cybersecurity and information sharing between the US, the EU, and other member states.

But the office did not have information on how Bulgaria plans to share that information.

A similar memorandum was signed in March between the European Union and Bulgaria.

But according to the Bulgarian embassy, Bulgaria’s cyber protection is not as robust as that of the US or other member countries.

It says that the EU-Bulgaria cyber-cooperation agreement was signed only in March 2017, and it has not been updated in several years.

The embassy did not answer our questions about the specifics.

According to the CyberDiversity and Security website, the organization’s goal is “to foster a closer understanding and cooperation between EU and Bulgaria on cyber security and information protection, especially regarding the sharing of information about cyber security threats with each other.”

In an email to Ars, the US State Department referred questions about cybersecurity and the memorandum to the office of the U.S. Cyber Command.

The CyberDiverse and Security Department did not respond to our requests for comment.

The US-Bulgarian cyber-relationship has been strained in the past.

The United States has accused Bulgaria of being a leader in cyberespionage against American companies and individuals, including targeting US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The Washington Post reported that Bulgarian government hackers penetrated the email account of US Senator John McCain and published compromising information about him.

The FBI says that in 2014, Bulgaria was one of several countries, including Russia and China, that targeted the Democratic National Committee.

But there have been no specific allegations that Bulgarian hackers were targeting US targets.

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