BULGARIA – Bulgarian music legend Andreea Mihailova was honored by the Bulgarian Academy of Music on Tuesday with a prestigious award for lifetime achievement in the field of music, and she was awarded the title of “the greatest Bulgarian female singer.”

The award was presented at a ceremony at the Bulgarian National Theater in Sofia.

Mihailov, a songwriter and producer, has recorded more than 150 recordings.

She is one of the most successful Bulgarian singers, as well as an award-winning producer of Bulgarian songs, and is regarded as a national treasure.

The former member of the Bulgarian pop group Lush was born in Yekaterinburg in 1977, but moved to the southern city of Veliki in the late 1980s.

Her music has been exported around the world, with her albums and television shows reaching more than 1.5 million listeners worldwide.

Bulgians love Mihayls songs, she has a loyal following of musicians and fans around the globe.

She has released more than 50 albums, and also wrote a new book about her life.

Miyaylova, a singer-composer who is best known for her work with Bulgarian rock band Lush, won the prize for lifetime achievements in the musical field, which was presented by the director of the National Theater, the director general of the Ministry of Culture, Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Bulgarian Ambassador to the United States, Sofia Sargsyan.

The award recognizes outstanding contributions to music and cultural heritage, the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

The winner will be announced at a later date.

Mivtsov, a popular Bulgarian singer, won for her role in the film “Till Death Do Us Part,” in which she played the lead role of a character who dies in a car crash and is revived by a young boy in the next life.

The film was nominated for a best documentary award in the category “Facts, Voices and Pictures,” and Mivtovich was nominated twice for best actress.

Mikhail Svirilov, an acclaimed actor who also played the part of a Russian woman, won in the role of the head of a family in “Fate of the World,” a film that is directed by his brother, Sergei Svirillov, who is the head director of Bulgarian film-maker Vassily Svirila.

Vladimir Svetsev, a writer and the editor-in-chief of Bulgarian magazine Zvezda, was also honored with the prize.

The Bulgarian Academy has a number of awards for cultural and artistic achievements.

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