Bulgaria’s Orthodox Church and other religious groups are in the news for being persecuted by the government in recent years.

The Bulgarian Government has been accused of using state resources to force religious groups to leave the country.

The latest case is the arrest of a prominent Armenian Patriarch, Sergi S. Yuriy, in September.

The case has been widely reported in the Bulgarian media and has been the subject of international criticism. 

In his recent speech on religious freedom, Yuril Yurikan said the Bulgarian Government should work towards creating an Armenian Christian community in Bulgaria.

Armenian Christians make up about 2.5% of the population. 

Mr. Yurtan said that he and other Armenians have been persecuted for years and it is not easy to understand how the government could act against a religion which is not a national religion in the country at the moment. 

He also said that the Bulgarian authorities are making an effort to restore the Armenian Patriarchate, but he added that this process is being hindered by the Turkish Government. 

“The Turkish government has taken many steps to promote the Armenian Apostasy in Bulgaria, including granting Armenian Patriarchates autonomy, establishing a special court to hear Armenian cases and appointing Armenian bishops as their head,” Mr. Yurdan said.

“But the Armenian church is still persecuted in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Orthodox Church remains in a minority. 

The Bulgarian Orthodox Patriarchate is under pressure because of its role in defending the rights of Armenians in the region, Mr. Yakunin said. 

During the visit of Armenian Patriarch Armen Arifan of Karakoy on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, he said that Armenian people are suffering under the Turkish oppression.

This is a tragedy for the Armenian community, but it is also a tragedy in terms of its impact on Bulgaria, Mr Yakunin added. “

Turkey is a country that has used the Armenian genocide as a pretext to force the Armenians to leave their homeland.

Mr Yurin also called on the Bulgarian Parliament to pass a law that would recognize Armenian Christians as a national and religious minority.”

The Armenian Patriarch’s arrest was an unfortunate moment for the Armenias in Bulgaria as it was followed up by the arrest by the Bulgarian government of another prominent Armenian who has been an ardent supporter of the Patriarchate and has long campaigned for a solution to the Armenian crisis in the Balkans,” Mr Yakunin said.

Mr Yurin also called on the Bulgarian Parliament to pass a law that would recognize Armenian Christians as a national and religious minority.

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