Bulgarian Shepherd Dog Breeds to Help Feed Bulgaria’s Hungry People

Bulgaria has one of the highest dog populations in Europe and, as of January, the Bulgarian Shepherd breed was estimated to be breeding at over 1,000 dogs, a number that is expected to rise dramatically in the coming years.

The breed, known by its Bulgarian name of “diagono,” is known for its rugged and fierce temperament, and its ability to quickly pack up and leave the village for the countryside.

The dog is also known for it’s love of water and love of humans.

Bulgarian Shepherd Dogs are bred to provide for the country’s needy, but are not typically used as police or fire fighters, or as military or law enforcement dogs, as they have been criticized for being used for illegal hunting.

According to Bulgaria’s Ministry of Agriculture, the breed was bred to protect the environment and the sheep of the region, which includes the Bulgarian Highlands and mountains in particular.

In fact, the Ministry of Ecology has issued an official request for applications for the Bulgarian breed to be listed on the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy, which would allow for the animals to be transported to Europe.

However, the majority of the breed’s popularity comes from its use as the main animal for training police dogs and to keep the sheep in check.

In a country where there are over 6,000 police departments and over 400 fire departments, many Bulgarians believe that the breed will become a key tool in the fight against crime.

A Bulgarian Shepherd has a long history of being used in the field of law enforcement and law enforcement agencies in Bulgaria.

This breed is a descendant of the ancient Bulgarian sheepdog breed, the “Diagono.”

A “Diagonal” is an ancestor of the “Budapest Shepherd Dog” that is a very different breed from the modern “Bulgarian Shepherd Dog.”

According to Bulgarian tradition, the Bulgarians were the first to introduce the “Bulgarian shepherd dog” in Bulgaria in the early 1600s.

The “Bulger” is a long-necked shepherd dog that can be distinguished by its longer neck, short ears and strong, pointed head.

This dog was first introduced to the Bulgarian countryside in 1698, and it’s continued popularity in the region is due to its strong, muscular body and its willingness to defend its sheep from attacks.

In addition, the large size of the dog helps to protect its owner and it is said that this breed is often trained to sniff out intruders.

As the Bulgarian shepherd dog has been trained to protect his flock, many believe that its use in the area has increased.

However it has also been criticized due to it’s indiscriminate killing and its indiscriminate nature, which leads to a lot of deaths and injuries.

In Bulgaria, the number of police departments has risen significantly in recent years, and there is a growing number of Bulgarian Shepherd dogs on the streets.

According the Bulgarian Ministry of Environment, the government has launched an investigation into the breeding of the Bulgarian Sheepdog, which is the main breed of the country.

However due to the breed being considered to be a “dangerous dog,” there has been a lot that needs to be done to protect it from this type of violence.

The government will continue to use the Bulgarian dog as a tool for protection of the environment, the economy and the people.

As Bulgarian Shepherd owners are often involved in the protection of their flock and are often in contact with other owners, this breeds reputation of being indiscriminate is likely to be the biggest obstacle to the adoption of the new breed.

The Bulgarian Shepherd dog is the only dog that is specifically bred for the protection and welfare of the animal.

There are also other breeds that can help in these areas, but the Bulgarian family is known to be one of those that have been most responsible.

In the past, the families of the Bulgarian Shepherd have also raised money for the animal through events such as animal shows, and by raising funds for the orphanage.

As an example of how these efforts have been received, a Bulgarian Shepherd puppy is currently living with a shelter in the United States, which has raised more than $600,000 to provide a place for the dog to live in safety and security.

In 2016, the European Commission officially announced the establishment of the European Veterinary Association (EVA) to provide the rights for dogs to live and breed in peace and in harmony.

According a press release, the EVA will work to establish the protection rights for all dogs, including the Bulgarian-born, and will also work to ensure the humane care of dogs in shelters and on farms.

This initiative will be part of the EU’s efforts to develop an EU-wide animal protection strategy.

According it, the goal of the plan is to “build a safe, secure, and dignified future for all animals, including dogs, and to encourage responsible dog ownership.”

The Bulgarian government also plans to invest in research to

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