The Bulgarian Royal Family has moved its headquarters from Bulgaria to England, and it’s about time.

Bulgaria’s capital Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria, the country where Dracula lived for centuries, and its name is often associated with the monster.

It’s a name that’s been on the tongue for centuries as the Bulgarian royal families have ruled the country for centuries.

The first king of Bulgaria was a man named Vasilis II, who ruled from 1490 to 1498.

Vasilis had a long line of descendants that included the Prince of Orange and the Princely family of England.

After Vasilas died, his son Vasil Ivan IV took control of the country, and he ruled until 1490.

He also founded the country’s first royal palace in 1490 and established Bulgaria as a royal monarchy.

He built a new castle for his son Vladislav in 1492, which was the first palace built in Bulgaria, according to the National Geographic article.

But the palace in Sofia, which the Bulgarian Royal family has been using for more than 150 years, wasn’t built until the 1920s, and the first Bulgarian royal was Prince Vasilik I, according the BBC.

The Royal family, whose origins are obscure, is the first branch of the Bulgarian nobility.

They were granted their independence in 1917 by then-Prime Minister Viktor Yushchenko, and they became the countrys ruling family in 1932.

The Bulgarian Royal families members also have their own customs, according National Geographic.

They use Bulgarian language, as well as their own dress.

The royal family’s official symbol is a small golden eagle that can be found on the throne in Sofias royal palace.

In Bulgaria, it’s not uncommon for royals to visit other countries.

In 2015, the Bulgarian royals visited Italy and Belgium.

The royal family also has some ties to neighboring countries like Croatia, Croatia, Montenegro, and Serbia.

Bulgarian King Vladislava II (1891-1984) and Bulgarian Queen Sofia (1883-1981) were cousins and shared the throne, but they never married.

Prince Vladislaw V, a nephew of Vladislas, the first ruler of Bulgaria who died in 1954, also had a relationship with Queen Sofias mother.

They married in 1952, but it was a short relationship, according Wikipedia.

King Vladislave was born in Bessarabia, but his father, King Victor, was born and raised in Brest in western Bulgaria.

King Victor died in 1992 and his son, Vladislak, became Bulgaria’s new ruler.

Vladislayevich was born the heir to his father.

King Victor died when Vladislaf was two years old.

Prince Vladislai is a member of the Royal family.

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