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Bulgarian dips, turkish tribulus: The world’s biggest dips are happening in Bulgaria

A dip in Bulgaria’s economy could be the biggest one yet.

Bulgarian authorities are warning of a crisis if the country’s economy is hit by a new wave of droughts.

Bulgaria has experienced droughthesia since 2011.

A surge in the population in recent years, coupled with an increase in water use, has created conditions that are becoming more severe, says Andreei Mladenov, director of the Center for Economic and Financial Policy Research.

“If the drought continues, we could be heading into a crisis,” he says.

Mladenov says the economic impact of dashes in the economy could reach as much as 40 percent of GDP, or as much like 3.5 percent of the countrys gross domestic product.

The country’s droughty conditions have already been felt.

In the last five months, Bulgaria has experienced an average of 6.3 days of precipitation, compared to the average of 7.3.

The government is also planning to start issuing food stamps to farmers, in an attempt to offset the impact of a lack of water and a severe drought.

Bulgatian authorities are also trying to prepare the country for the possibility of a wave of crop failures, and an increase of crop damage.

The drought is expected to continue for months, with temperatures expected to fall below freezing and rainfall in some areas not exceeding 40 centimeters.

The region has seen its population grow by over a million people over the last two years. 

The government has warned of a large number of people in need of food assistance, including children, the elderly, pregnant women, and people with disabilities.

The crisis is being compounded by the fact that there are no reliable weather forecasts.

The Bulgarian Meteorological Institute, a government-run agency, says the country has been suffering from the worst droughting conditions since 2011, when it experienced dashes of up to four days per year.

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