A family has moved to the UK after finding out that their only source of news is a Bulgarian tabloid.

The family had previously lived in the UK and were considering the move to the US.

They were hoping to adopt from Bulgaria, but now they have found out that the newspaper that they were looking for is a tabloid that they are not allowed to read.

The Guardian UK said it would not be publishing the story.

“The Guardian has a duty of care to the editorial content of the UK-based news organisations we work with and we have a clear policy of not publishing or publishing in any form that breaches our editorial guidelines,” it said in a statement.

“We are working with the families and we will continue to work with them to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

The family said they have contacted the family lawyer, who has suggested they take their case to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

“We will work with the family to make it a priority, but we cannot take this any further, we cannot sit back and wait for this to be resolved,” the family’s lawyer, Andrei Grubkovich, told ABC News.

Mr Grubkhovich said he was disappointed by the decision and hoped the decision would be overturned.

The newspaper, which is called Sofia Daily News, published a story on August 16 saying that the family had “found themselves in the middle of a new era”.

The article said the family was being offered the chance to relocate to New York or Canada, where their children are enrolled at public schools.

“If they choose New York and Canada, they will have a better future,” the article said.

The story went on to say that the children would also be allowed to attend private schools, though the family were told they were not allowed any contact with other students.

Mr Gubkavich said he had tried to contact the family through Facebook but they had not replied to his messages.

“They have not made any effort to contact me,” he said.

“I am still trying to find them.

They don’t know where they are or who they are, they don’t have any contact information, and there is no way to reach them.”

Mr Grumbkovich said his family was hoping to move to Canada to adopt.

“My family and I are hopeful that we can make it work and that we will be able to live in Canada, that we would be able be reunited with our children and that the story that we are telling our children would be made to be heard and believed,” he added.

“There is a lot of hope in the world and in this case, I think it is the best hope that we have.”

The Guardian has previously said it will not publish stories that breach its editorial guidelines.

The company has been criticised for being “anti-Russian”.

The family has not commented on the decision to ban the newspaper from the UK, but the Guardian UK did say it would “continue to work closely with them”.

“We have already asked them to remove the story, but unfortunately we are still not allowed,” the statement said.

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