Last summer, Bulgarians were greeted with a devastating air and lift disaster when the Bulgarian air force failed to fly over a densely populated area of Bulgaria.

It left nearly a million people homeless and nearly 3,000 dead, and hundreds of thousands more lost their homes.

The airlift system has been in use since 1995 and is the largest single contributor to Bulgaria’s population growth.

For the past decade, Bulgarian government officials have been working hard to improve the airlift systems, and it is the nation’s highest priority to meet the nations safety standards.

The government is working to make Bulgaria the safest country in Europe.

It has pledged to build the nation the largest and most advanced airlift network in the world by 2030.

Bulgaria’s government is also committed to meeting its own airlift safety standards, according to the country’s Minister of Transport, Yordan Gudas, who also serves as a member of the National Safety Council.

“Bulgaria’s airlift has been the key factor for Bulgaria’s economic growth,” Gudis said.

“In 2020, Bulgaria was one of the top 10 countries for aviation in the European Union.

We are now one of only two EU countries that has a full airlift capacity.

I believe that the Bulgarian government is taking its safety seriously, and we have started to improve our systems, particularly the air lift system, which is the most important component of air safety.”

For example, the Bulgarian Air Force has installed a new safety equipment system to be used in the air-lift system, according the Ministry of Transport.

This new system will improve safety in airlifting by requiring the use of a standard checklist, a more robust airlift procedure and a new emergency plan.

The new system is expected to be in use by 2018, according Gudias.

“We are very proud of this accomplishment,” he said.

The Bulgarian government has invested heavily in improving the safety of the countrys air and lifters.

For example in 2019, the country installed the world’s first automated flight controls, a new aircraft that will be used by the Bulgarian Civil Aviation Authority, according TOKAL, the company responsible for the new system.

Additionally, the government has launched a pilot training program to increase awareness among pilots and improve safety.

And the country is working on developing a new, more secure airlift platform, Gudasi added.

Bulgaria is also working on a new airport in the capital, Sofia, and plans to build another new airport by 2025.

The country is also planning to add three new air bases in the near future.

“It is a priority for us to have an airport in Sofia,” Gudgeas said.

Sofia airport will be the country first international airport in Bulgaria, according Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Transportation Vassily Makhnov, who was also an official in the previous government.

In 2021, Bulgaria plans to add two more air bases to its airport system, one in the eastern city of Gorniy, and another in the city of Zagreb.

The airport in Zagreber, in the east of the capital city, is expected by 2019.

The construction of the airport will also take place over the next few years, according Makhnsov.

Bulgaria plans on completing the air force base in the town of Veliko-Vroznic, in western Bulgaria.

The planned new air base will include an observation tower, and the air and air lift equipment will be installed in the area.

The proposed new air and aviation base in Zalazov, on the outskirts of the Bulgarian capital, will be built in 2019.

In 2019, Bulgaria will add a fourth airbase in the south-eastern city of Riga, according a report by the ministry of transportation.

The plan includes building a military base on the city’s south bank, and also plans to expand the air base to include an airport.

Bulgaria has also been working on several major projects to improve its air and transportation safety in recent years, including developing an air and train tunnel to connect the country with Russia and to improve air traffic, according ToKAL.

In 2017, the ministry added three air bases and built a new airfield near the Bulgarian city of Bratislava.

Bulgaria hopes to complete its aviation safety improvement by 2025, according Minister of State for Transport and Transport Minister Yordan Vatskas.

The national airlift is one of several major transportation projects the country plans to invest in, according Vatskas.

“Today, the air transport system is the main contributor to the economic growth in Bulgaria,” Vatsas said, adding that it is also the country that is working hard with the international aviation industry to ensure safe air travel.

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