The Bulgarian Presidency of Ministers has appointed the countrys first female cabinet minister, as it announced that the country is ready to lead the country once again. 

The announcement came from President Ivo Sanandaji, who said on Wednesday that the new Cabinet has already been formed and will be headed by a woman. 

Sanandaji made the announcement in the morning hours of Monday, April 10, while attending a reception for the President’s new Cabinet.

The appointment of a woman to the Cabinet is a huge milestone for Bulgaria, and will help pave the way for the country to return to the European Union, said Sanandaj, who is also the leader of the governing coalition with Prime Minister Ivica Dacic. 

“The fact that our own Bulgarans will take over this role of Cabinet, will mean that Bulgaria can once again lead its own destiny.

And this is a great and historic step for Bulgaria,” Sanandari said. 

Sania has been named Minister of Economy and Industry by the President.

The Cabinet will also have a new Minister of Education and Science, as well as a new Secretary of State for the European Commission. 

Bulgaria will also join the European Community and the European Monetary Union. 

President Sanandai, in his speech at the reception, stressed the importance of the economic reforms that Bulgaria has made in the last two years.

He noted that Bulgaria is already one of the most developed economies in the European region, and that the number of jobs is growing at an average rate of around 6 percent per year. 

He said that the Bulgarian economy has been expanding, and the country’s exports are growing at around 9 percent annually, as compared to 7 percent in the first quarter of 2016. 

In the last decade, Bulgaria has seen a large increase in foreign investment, and a large number of foreigners are working in the country, he said.

“And it is thanks to this large number that we can now see the emergence of a strong business sector, as many companies have decided to invest in Bulgaria.”

Sanandaj’s Cabinet will have a Vice President and a Minister of Justice. 

Former Prime Minister Gennady Zyuganov will serve as the new head of the Cabinet.

Sanandani will take the role of the Prime Minister, while Sanandski will be responsible for the Cabinet as well. 

Prime Minister Ivrit Steiner will also be appointed as the Prime minister’s deputy, with the Prime Ministership currently held by former Prime Minister Vassily Nebenzia. 

Nebenzia, who has served as Prime Minister since the formation of the government in December 2016, will step down as the government’s chief of staff. 

During the Presidential Election of 2017, President Sanandar said he would not run for a third term.

 In January, President Dacics, who will also hold a second term, said that he was considering a second presidential term in 2020.

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