The Bulgarian air force has been awarded an important contract to train its personnel on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in Alaska.

The ANWR is located at the northern tip of Russia’s Bering Strait and is home to the world’s only population of walrus.

It is home of the largest population of polar bears in the world.

Bulgaria is also a NATO member and has recently received the contract.

The ANWR consists of more than 50,000 square kilometers of land in Russia, Alaska and Canada.

The contract is worth up to $1.5 billion and will be awarded as part of Bulgaria’s 2020 Polar Training Program, which aims to train 5,000 pilots to fly military helicopters.

The Bulgarian Air Force, a part of the Bulgarian Air and Missile Forces (BMF), will train 567 pilots, according to Bulgaria’s Ministry of Defense.

The mission will include the training of pilots and crew members on military helicopters and to prepare them to participate in missions that include helicopter missions and airborne operations, including combat missions against the Islamic State group.

In addition, the Bulgarian air fleet will conduct combat air patrols and conduct reconnaissance of foreign countries, according the defense ministry.

Bulgarian pilots will receive training in air-to-air tactics, including maneuvering, navigation and weapons use.

The training will also include basic training in communication, flight and navigation, flight training, training of crew members and the use of radars.

Bulgas military has also been granted an additional $3 million in funding to help the ANWR personnel train and equip with military equipment, the defense Ministry said.

The Ministry of Defence will also begin the establishment of a special service for personnel of the armed forces and a special department for training pilots, the ministry said.

Bulgy’s armed forces will conduct training on the ANWD at the beginning of 2020, while the air force will conduct a similar training program for military personnel in 2019, the Ministry of defense said.

In a statement, the ANWWR said that the contract has been signed to ensure that the Bulgarian Armed Forces will be able to provide necessary support to the mission of the ANWRS mission, including providing air training and training of personnel.

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