“It’s all about making a name for ourselves and making a mark on the industry,” Karan Jhar, who is a co-founder of Indian TV channel TVC, said.

“If you’re a brand and you’re on the front page, you can make a name.

I have been a TVC fanboy for many years and this is my chance.”

The 24-year-old’s move to TVC was an initial one and the decision to move away from being a producer and a broadcaster to a full-time showrunner and co-host came from him, not from the network, he said.

Jhar is a producer for the network’s weekly programme, which is called Akshay Akshar, which he is also producing with his friend, Amit Chaturvedi, a TVCC executive.

Jhanujan’s move away was partly motivated by his desire to work with people and get to know them.

He was also inspired by the work of Akshayan Pandit, who was a key part of the channel’s early days.

“We love being on the air.

I feel like it’s the only place where I can meet new people and hear their stories,” Jhar said.

It was a dream of sorts for Jhar and Chaturvesi to become the first ever co-presenters of a channel in India.

The duo have been together since 2015 and have been producing programmes like Akshai Jhar’s Diary, Akshyan’s Shocking Stories and Akshav Prakash’s The Unfinished Revolution for the channel.

Akshya’s first interview was on November 23, the day after her husband Akshaya was killed in a train accident, with the two sitting in a studio in Bengaluru, on the day of the launch of her programme.

Aksha was also the first Indian to host a series of shows on the Indian version of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

“It was a big honour for us,” said Chaturve, who has also been the executive producer of Akshi’s Akshana Jhar Show for the past five years.

The channel has over 15,000 subscribers.

“I feel very lucky and honoured to have this opportunity to work alongside the team.

They’ve worked so hard to make this happen,” Jhar said.

The two are not only passionate about the channel but also about creating content that reflects the diverse cultural mix of India and is made up of different communities.

“The fact that we are making the news in this country is the main motivation behind what we do,” Chaturvade said.

While Jhar will be working as the showrunner for the first time in India, the duo will be joined on the show by two other co-presidents, Rajesh Ranganathan and Pranav Pandey.

The team has already been busy with projects such as a series on the Mumbai gangsters and the Mumbai-based TVC’s first foray into Hindi news, a show on the new Indian president’s controversial visit to Iran.

It has also already produced an hour of its own show called Akhana Jhavana, which features interviews with the leaders of the BJP, Congress and other parties in the country.

“All we wanted to do is make a new channel for India and have a platform to reach out to people in India,” Jhanul said.

 The first episode of Akhanna Jhavanana will air on Akshava Jhar on November 30.

The network will be running two programmes in Hindi with other news channels and the channels will be followed on Twitter for news.

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