The Russian television stations of the state-run RT channel have launched a series of clips mocking the Canadian military, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported on Tuesday.

The videos, which were broadcast last year, were shot by a crew from the Moscow-based Russian state-owned media company RT, which is known for its propaganda.

One clip featured a group of soldiers, including the Canadian soldiers, dressed in camouflage fatigues marching through snowy landscapes.

The footage was taken from the back of a vehicle and shows them with their weapons drawn.

The soldiers also have helmets and carry rifles.

In another clip, soldiers from Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are seen in combat-style gear on a snowy battlefield.

In a third clip, the soldiers are seen walking through a forest with the Canadian flag in the background.

The RCMP has been criticised for its treatment of indigenous people in Canada, which has led to numerous investigations and lawsuits.

A group of Canadian soldiers wearing camouflage fatigaus and carrying rifles is seen marching through a snowy field, in Russia’s St. Petersburg, Russia, May 27, 2017.

The group of Russian soldiers is also seen marching down a street with the flag of Canada in the distance.

In one of the clips, the group of three soldiers are shown walking through the snow with their rifles raised and holding the Canadian Flag high.

The Russian military said it had not been notified of the offending content.

RT also released a video of a Canadian soldier being attacked by a masked man on the streets of St. Petersberg, which sparked outrage in Canada.

In the video, a masked masked man is seen attacking a Canadian who has his hands raised and wearing a ski mask.

“Canadians are going to need to be aware that our soldiers are prepared to take the fight to the enemy if needed,” CBC said in a statement.

The broadcaster said the footage was shot in August and was aired on RT.

“The clip was shot by two Russian television crews and aired on Russian television last summer and was not shown on RT before.

We have been alerted to the clip and will take appropriate action against the producers,” the broadcaster said.

RT’s video of the Canadian soldier in the St. Peterberg neighbourhood was released on Twitter in August.

The Canadian military is preparing for the worst The CBC reported that it has reached out to the Russian military, which the broadcaster identified as the “Rostov-on-Don” military district, and is in contact with the head of the Russian air force, Col. Sergey Krasilnikov.

“We’ve spoken with the Russian side, and we’ve told them that we would like to take action,” CBC News said.

It also reported that the military was preparing for an attack by Russian-backed separatists who were attempting to seize the strategic port city of Mariupol from Ukrainian government forces.

“There are reports of armed groups on the territory of the port city, but it’s not clear who they are, and how they are planning on attacking,” CBC reported.

“One thing is certain, the Russian armed forces are ready for any attack by separatist fighters,” CBC quoted Krasilev as saying.

In response to the allegations, a spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defence said the military has not received any formal notification.

“Russia does not allow foreign interference in its internal affairs,” Igor Konashenkov told Reuters news agency.

The ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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