The first thing to do when you get off the plane at Sofia International Airport is to head to the city center.

The Bulgarian capital, which has become a tourist hotspot, is packed with Christmas decorations.

And so is the city’s public library.

It is a wonderful place to pick up some books, listen to a classical music program and get a glimpse of the city.

But the library also has Christmas displays on the walls, including one that says, “Christmas in Bulgaria is a gift from God.”

The holiday season is often marked by festive festivities in Sofia, a city of nearly 15 million people that is home to about 10,000 churches and more than 200 Orthodox Christian churches.

Christmas is a tradition that goes back to the 10th century, when the church was founded in the city and the city was a stronghold for the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

It is a holiday that has been celebrated since before the advent of Christianity in the early centuries of the 20th century.

During the year, the Christmas tree is planted, as is the festive tree of Saint Nicholas in the town of Krasnodar.

There is no shortage of Christmas celebrations in Bulgaria.

On the streets, people light bonfires, take part in the Christmas markets, and decorate their houses with gifts.

But this year, many people are choosing to decorate in a festive way.

Christmas decorations are not just for Christmas, though.

The decorations are also a way to express gratitude to those who helped the church during the last century, the Bulgarian Times reported.

The decorations are usually made of white and blue material, and the colors range from red to orange.

Some people, like Sofia’s resident, Elena Zukunova, prefer to decorating their homes with a more traditional style, according to a local newspaper.

But Sofia has also become an economic powerhouse in the past years, and many of the cities surrounding the city are booming.

It also has one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the country.

There are hundreds of Christmas trees throughout the city, with one in every 15 houses being decorated.

In the city centre, people have created their own decorations and decorating projects.

A woman decorates her home in the historic neighborhood of Chikov, Bulgaria.

The city is also home to a few churches, the most famous being St. John the Baptist Church in the former city of Chatsyn, which dates back to 1066.

It was built to be a permanent residence, but the church has since moved to a new building in Sofias main square.

Many people have also decorated their cars with Christmas lights, as the city has a lot of car parks.

And in the summer, when temperatures are high, people can decorate themselves in green.

The best part about the holiday season in Sofria is the people.

They dress up in a number of festive costumes and decorators from all around the world come to the capital to create their decorations.

One woman decorating her home decorated in Christmas colors.

And if you are planning to spend the holiday in Sofía, there are some things you should know about the Christmas season in Bulgaria, according the Bulgarian news site BULGARIA TIMES.

The first thing you should do is visit Sofia on Christmas Eve, which is the last day of the Christmas celebration.

You will see a parade in the streets with people dressed as Santa Claus.

Then, you will also see Santa and the elves walking around the city in sleighs and stables.

On Christmas Day, there will be a huge parade in downtown Sofia.

And then, you can head to Chatsin, a historic neighborhood with Christmas trees that are on the second floor of the historic buildings.

This Christmas, there is also a parade with Santa in the street.

The parade is also followed by a giant tree lighting ceremony that includes the singers singing “Amazing Grace.”

The celebration continues all day and night.

There will also be a special Christmas parade with the Santa in Chatsun, a beautiful old neighborhood in Sofiya.

You can also visit the Christmas market, where people sell Christmas presents.

There are also stalls selling crafts, toys, and even Christmas decorations, according BULGRARIA NEWS.

On the first day of Christmas, you may also see the arrival of a Santa Claus parade with lights, horns, and elves in front of the cathedral.

Then it is time to get ready for the traditional holiday celebration in the old city.

And that’s when you can enjoy Christmas parties at restaurants and cafes.

Christmas at home is a great way to spend time with family and friends, according Sofia residents.

And the most important thing to remember is to remember to open your presents before Christmas.

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