What do you need to know about the Bulgarian AR-Mags?

If you are unfamiliar with them, they are one of the few military weapons that the Bulgarian Armed Forces uses.

These AR-Mags are based on a Russian military standard called the AK-74.

They are extremely accurate and highly effective at killing targets up to 60mm thick.

In the field, they can be used as small, medium, and heavy weapons.

The AR-mags can also be used to fire small arms or sniper rifles, or as small arms for the Bulgarian Army, the Ministry of Defense, and the Ministry for Internal Security.

These guns can be seen in the movies and TV shows, and are one the few weapons in the world that can be accurately fired from a rifle.

But can they be converted to an AR in the United States?

Well, the conversion process is relatively simple.

The main issue to conversion is the type of gun.

The Bulgarian AR’s are designed to fire the standard AK-7, but some manufacturers have converted them to an AK-12, AK-21, or AK-47.

These conversions have been done using Bulgarian AK-M1 and AK-30 carbines, but you will need to purchase a different rifle to use it.

To convert an AR into an AK, the receiver must be changed into a stock.

There are two ways to convert an AK into an AMM.

One is to cut out the receiver and bolt and bolt the new one on.

The other is to buy the entire receiver and use a gunsmith to create a modified bolt, receiver, and barrel.

This requires an extensive amount of paperwork and a long process that takes a long time.

For a complete conversion process, you will also need to take apart the entire firearm, including the trigger, buffer tube, receiver extension, and magazines.

The cost of the conversion will run you between $200 to $400, depending on how many parts you need.

What you need: A modified rifle that will be able to fire an AK.

A stock that will allow you to convert your existing weapon to an AMP.

The parts required: Trigger, barrel, buffer, and receiver.

You will need these parts to convert AR-MAGs into AMMs.

The AMM is a modified AR-10.

The conversion process: The first step is to convert a standard AR-11 into an original AMM-type rifle.

You can use a machine gun or an M16, but it is recommended that you use an AR that is compatible with the AMM process.

You then need to cut the receiver from the receiver extension.

This is a common part of conversion, but if you do not have access to a machine shop, you can use your hands to cut and thread the receiver into the stock.

The receiver extension will fit into the receiver tube and the bolt, which is a piece of metal that is cut out of the receiver.

It is then threaded into the bolt body and the magazine.

To take apart your AR-MA, you need the following: A hammer, bolt, buffer and bolt.

You do not need to buy a complete AR-14, but the AR-5s, AR-16s, and other AR-12s are also available, and they are cheaper.

Once the receiver is cut, you must remove the bolt and barrel, and take out the bolt extension.

You must also take out and clean the bolt for safety, and then take out all the parts and parts that will attach to the receiver extensions.

This can be a difficult process, so if you are not a machinist or are unsure of how to do this, you may want to hire one.

You need to do a test firing of the rifle before you can change it into an actual AMM rifle.

The bolt is threaded into a magazine and then the barrel is threaded onto the stock and then into the magazine and into the rifle.

If you have the proper bolt, the stock, and magazine, you should be able change the rifle into an accurate AMM and then shoot it.

The process takes about 30 minutes.

Here is the breakdown of the steps needed to convert AMM rifles into AMMs: Cut the receiver off of an existing AR-9.

Remove the bolt.

Thread the bolt into the upper receiver extension and bolt body.

Threading the bolt in and out of a magazine takes about 45 seconds.

The buffer tube and receiver extensions are also removed.

The magazine and magazine tube is then removed.

Cut the magazine out of one of your existing AR magazines and remove the magazine from the bolt face.

You now have an AMMA rifle.

Put the bolt back into the AR and the stock in the other AR.

Put a new bolt in the bolt carrier, and put the new barrel in the receiver assembly.

Pull the bolt assembly back into its carrier.

Thread a new buffer tube through the buffer tube into the

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