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When The Bulgarian Times and Google launched a new initiative to bring more Bulgarian news to the global internet

It was a summer night in Bulgaria.

An old friend of mine had just been shot.

In his home in the southern Bulgarian town of Velikovskiy, his wife and two young children slept peacefully in their bed.

But the next morning, he awoke with a bad headache.

He woke up to a call from his wife: “I don’t have time to get up, I need to call you right away.”

And the phone rang.

It was Google.

Bulgaria’s largest newspaper, the Daily Life, had been hit by the virus, and the Google search engine had started pulling out links to the paper’s articles.

That night, in a hotel room in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, I was told I’d be doing a feature on the country’s largest news source.

I had no idea what the news was about, and neither did Google.

The only news I knew was that a friend of a friend had died.

And that it was a young man.

Bulgarian police later said that the man had been shot on the way to work.

He died at a hospital, but his death was not officially linked to the virus.

It’s a story that has been repeated by other local media, as well as the Internet, and many people have started asking, “What happened?”

And now, Google’s announcement to bring Bulgarian news directly to the Google News Search engine, a move that was first reported by the Bulgarian Times, is raising a lot of eyebrows.

Bulgars are not only a tech-savvy nation, but a rich cultural and linguistic heritage.

The country’s newspapers, including the oldest one in the world, the Communist-run Vranj, were founded in 1881, and were the first to publish English language content, according to Google.

In recent years, Google has been helping to grow the local news ecosystem by offering Bulgarian news through a series of “Google Originals,” a curated collection of stories from local media and the Internet.

These are created by Google employees and feature news that is curated from the web and other sources.

Google Originals are also available to everyone on the Google platform, including users on Google+ and the app.

The company said that Google News is the “world’s leading news source” and said that “we’ve been working with our partners to offer more stories, more curated content, and more personalized recommendations” to Google News users around the world.

But the news service has a long history of being criticized by Bulgarian authorities, who have accused Google of violating its copyright and other laws, especially over its advertising policies.

In 2011, Google was fined by the European Commission for illegally blocking access to some of its news sources, which were based in Bulgaria and Romania.

Google’s European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, has also been under investigation by the EU’s antitrust authorities for violating EU antitrust rules.

The EU’s competition agency has said that it will not enforce Google’s copyright infringement claims against the search giant in the EU.

In 2016, Google announced it would be creating a news service in Bulgaria that would focus on “national security, economics, finance, politics, and business.”

But Google’s move into Bulgaria in 2019 was controversial.

Google officials said the country was a “natural extension” of its own news service, which was launched in Romania and Poland in 2018.

“It is important that we work together with the Bulgarian authorities to ensure that the search engine remains in the country where it was launched,” Google’s chief legal officer, Paul Schoenefeld, wrote in a blog post.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Schoenabeld said that Bulgaria was a prime candidate to host the Google news service because of its “cultural and historical links to our products and services.”

The Bulgarian government, he added, has “always been supportive of Google’s expansion efforts in Bulgaria.”

The news service is not the only news platform to be hit by a government crackdown in Bulgaria since Google’s arrival.

In October, Google pulled the Bulgarian news service Vranja from Google’s search results because the Bulgarian government said that Vranje violated Google’s terms of service and “cannot be used by Google to offer advertisements.”

But the company said it would continue to provide the site, as long as Bulgaria has not banned Google.

A similar move was made in 2016 when Bulgaria’s Ministry of Communications said that its government would not allow Google to publish Bulgarian news.

The move was the result of pressure from the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture and the Bulgarian State Broadcasting Company.

The news service did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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