It’s a long time coming, but the 70s are here, and they’re coming back to MTV in 2018!

The legendary ’70, which was also known as the Golden Age, has been revived as the ’90s, which is the decade that everyone loves to talk about, because it’s the golden era.

That’s right, the Golden Era is finally here!

In 2018, MTV is launching a new series called “Buckwheat,” which will follow a group of young adults and their parents as they travel through the ’80s.

The show follows the adventures of these “buckwheats,” as they navigate their way through the “BUCKWORTH” era, the golden age of the music industry.

Check out this behind-the-scenes video, where we learn the backstory behind the character Buckwheat and what his backstory is.

The Buckwheats will be the focus of the first episode of “Buckethead,” which is scheduled to air on September 16 at 10 p.m.


That episode, along with the upcoming “The Buck” season finale, will be available to stream on MTV’s app.

And we are not kidding.

The Buckwheates are a team of three kids from a wealthy family who work as a team, but are forced to share a house with a dysfunctional, abusive family.

In the series, they will have to overcome obstacles and learn to work together.

Watch the premiere of “The BUCKWORST” episode below.

The series will premiere on September 19 at 10:30 p.p.m ET on MTV.

Watch the premiere trailer for “Bucker” below.

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