Bulgarian is the second-most spoken language in Bulgaria, after English, and it has a long and proud history of being spoken, translated and consumed in many different ways, with some of the best known examples being the Bulgarian dish ‘bug’, a thick, salty and creamy soup with a hearty tomato and garlic sauce, and the country’s own ‘Bud’, a dish that resembles a potato pancake.

The soup’s origin, however, is far more obscure than the soup itself.

It was probably born in the city of Budenik, a little-known and sparsely populated place in southern Bulgaria.

Budenikoi, or ‘Bunga’, was a traditional village, with its own language and cuisine, but it was only in the 19th century that a small Bulgarian community developed.

In 1883, the village of Budenoi, which was only 40km (25 miles) from Budenika, was founded by a group of local farmers, and by the beginning of the 20th century it was the hub of Bulgarian culture and agriculture.

In the 1930s, the community formed the Budeni region, which encompassed some 3,500 square kilometres (1,800 square miles), a territory stretching from the north-east to the south-west, and encompassed about 30 villages.

In 1960, the region’s main centre, Budeniki, was also founded.

In 1983, the area was officially recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Today, the population of Budeni is around 2,000, with around 300 inhabitants of Budenic, a municipality on the outskirts of Budene and a town called Budeni, both of which have a large Bulgarian population.

The region’s biggest export, however (and one of the main reasons why its name stuck in the Bulgarian lexicon), is the borka, a traditional soup made from fermented potatoes and tomatoes.

The borkas traditionally go around town in a big sack made from the local flour, which is then boiled with local herbs, herbs and spices, and then poured into boiling oil.

The oil is then turned into a broth with some water and a small amount of salt and pepper, and is served as a dip in soup.

In Budenica, which lies just off the main road, there is a market where visitors can buy everything from borkat to borkag, and some of Budena’s best-known dishes are the ‘fava’, a potato soup that’s traditionally made with fermented potatoes, tomatoes and onions, and a dish called the bokat, made with onions and potatoes.

‘The bokats’ have a reputation for being quite tasty and good with vegetables, as well as being one of Bulgaria’s favourite dishes.

In recent years, the market has also become an important market for local produce, with vegetables sold by the dozen, fruits, berries, fruits and nuts.

The main street in Budeneni, which also houses the main market, is named after the village’s mayor, who is known as Budeniy, meaning ‘old man’.

In Budeni’s second city, Budene, it is also known as a ‘bread district’.

In the centre of the village is a square that has been known for years as the ‘dormitory of the bakchod’, where the young and old spend their evenings together.

The street also houses a shop called ‘Bod’ (bread), which sells bread made from wheat flour, but also other traditional products, like vegetables and fruit.

As you walk the street you can also see old bakches, where bakchers, or people who prepare bakche, make their bakchet, or bread.

The Bokat shop is named for Budeni mayor Budenij Kostin, who also has the nickname ‘Bokat’.

The Bakhachod, or Bakhayd (bread and bakchi), is an old, traditional Bulgarian soup, often made with onion and potatoes, that has a creamy, nutty, and sweet flavour.

The traditional soup is made with local vegetables, tomatoes, potatoes, herbs, spices and oil, but has a nutty flavour and a slightly spicy aftertaste, due to the use of spices.

The ‘bokats’, who are usually young and in their twenties, are the backbone of the community.

They are farmers who live in the village and are known as the baks, or the breadmakers.

The breadmakers are often called ‘puppets’ because they are raised by their mothers, who live near them.

The village’s main bread market is also called ‘the Bakhache’, but the word ‘Bakhache’ comes from the village name, ‘Beka’, meaning ‘bread’.

In recent decades, there have also been more local producers of bread, like the Budena bakeries.

The Budena Bakery, which has

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