Australia is considering banning the sale of all venomous snakes after a series of fatal bites involving a species of the genus Serpentis.

The ban, which would apply to all forms of venomous snake, would come into force from April 1.

But the Australian Veterinary Association says the ban should not be rushed because it would put people at risk.

The Australian Animal Health Association says it’s been trying for the past 15 years to get the ban on.

“We know there’s a lot of misinformation out there and a lot that’s been thrown around,” Dr Jennifer Higg, a veterinary infectious diseases expert at the AVA, told the ABC.

“It’s not something we recommend at this time.”

People should talk to their GP, and if they have concerns about snake bite symptoms, they should seek medical advice and they should get tested.

“Dr Higg says the venom of a venomous species is usually more potent than its non-venomous counterparts.”

The venom of the snake that has been in the market for many years, it’s not as dangerous,” she said.”

If you have a rattlesnake, it will probably do you a bit more harm than a snake that’s not venomous.

“You could get bitten if you’re outside with your dog or walk your dog.”

But the venom is usually stronger.

“Dr Andrew O’Leary, a snake bite specialist at Sydney’s Royal Alexandra Hospital, said the risk of snake bites was greater in colder weather.”

In cooler weather, a lot more snakes are coming into your house, and it’s a very dangerous situation,” he said.

Dr Higgs said while she was unsure how widespread the ban would be, she believed it would be very difficult to enforce.”

I think we’re going to see some pretty heavy-handed enforcement,” she told the Australian Financial Press.”

Because it’s an incredibly difficult product to come up with a regulatory framework around.

“So the idea of a ban would make it extremely difficult to actually enforce that one.”

In the UK, the government has also put a ban on all types of venom in response to the deaths of two young boys.

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