It’s no secret that Bulgaria has the second-most obese population in the world.

But that hasn’t stopped the country from going all-in on weight loss.

Now, Bulgaria’s president, Gjorge Ivanov, has introduced a program that promises to make the process a lot easier.

In the first year of the program, Ivanov will have a team of doctors, psychologists, and nutritionists to help him make the transition from being a normal person to being a dieter.

The new diet will include healthy foods, healthy meals, and a program to increase your metabolism.

The goal is to make sure that you stay away from processed food and drink all the time, according to Ivanov.

That means cutting down on calories and limiting alcohol.

And don’t forget to get regular exercise.

The government is working on a new diet, which is currently under study.

It will include more healthful fats and a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

And the goal is for the program to take place over a period of years.

“The idea is to train your body to become a normal, healthy person,” Ivanov said.

“You have to become an athlete.

The only thing you can do is do the right thing and make the effort to lose weight.”

It’s not just Ivanov who’s in the running for the award for best country.

His government has also launched a new website to help people navigate the process.

The site is called www., and it is a place where people can make an appointment to meet with a professional.

There are also resources for people to sign up for training sessions, where they can learn how to lose more weight.

For now, Ivanova has decided to keep the diet a secret.

“I’ve already tried to keep it secret, and so far I’ve succeeded,” Ivanova said.

And if you’re looking for a way to lose even more weight, Ivanos is not far behind.

Ivanov is also the author of a new book, “The Healthy Diet, a Diet for the Body,” which aims to help you shed the pounds you have.

For now, the only way to get a copy of Ivanovs book is to order one from his website, which will ship on Monday, June 1.

And for those who can’t wait, Ivanomov is offering a free digital copy of the book for anyone who wants to try the program.

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